Fifty Two Pages FAQs

Please join me.  You won't regret it.  I promise.

It's a project on being intentional.  It's a project on making memories and keeping them alive.

It's your memories in Fifty Two Pages.
(all details below...)

In a nutshell…(for those who want more detail…keep scrolling!)

What is Fifty Two Pages?
Fifty Two Pages is a photography project that encourages you to do something with all of the thousands of pictures you have sitting in your iPhone.  

As a mom, I take tons of photos.  Tons.  And they just sit on my phone.  I then run out of storage on my phone, dump them onto my computer haphazardly, and they get lost in a randomly named folder forever.  Sure, I share a few of my favorites on IG and Facebook, but that's for others to enjoy.  

I want to enjoy my own photos.  I want my family and friends and children in years to come to be able to enjoy the photos I take.  I want memories, not out of control computer folders. 

So, that's when I came up with Fifty Two pages: The online Photography project in which you create a simple collage of your favorite images once a week, ultimately culminating in a fifty two page book at the end of the year that you will have printed to enjoy now and for years to come.  

How does it work?
It's simple.  It has to be or it won't work, right?

1. Make Memories
...and take pictures (see, step 1 is already being done)

2. Collect Your Memories
Select your favorite images at the end of the week and use 
a collage app (I recommend PicStitch*) to create a collage right on your phone. 

You can download the PicStitch app here:
Pic Stitch - Big Blue Clip, LLC

*PicStitch is a free App on both the iPhone and Android, but does have a $1.99 upgrade fee for using some of the collage templates with more photos.  I highly recommend the small investment so that you can include more photos in your collages.  

3. Share Your Memories
 Post your collage to your blog and then link it up here each Monday!  
(or post to your Facebook/IG with hashtag #fiftytwopages)

4. Enjoy Your Memories
 At the end of your fifty two weeks, you will be able to print a 7x7 or 12x12 book of your fifty two collages and have a keepsake to remember your past year.

How do I join?
Just do it.  :)
Follow the steps above and start creating your Fifty Two Pages today!

What if I just found your site and you're halfway through the year?
That's okay!  That's another great thing about the project.  Your book doesn't have to start on January 1 and end on Dec starts whenever you'd like it to start and ends 52 weeks after that!  

If you really would like to start your book on a certain date (anniversary, birthday, etc), it's very easy to go back through your photos and create collages from past weeks.  
But don't overcomplicate it or you won't keep up with it! :)

What if I miss a week?
(or two...or ten?) 

That's life :)  It happens and it shouldn't stop you from completing your book.  

And again, if you really don't want holes in your book, it's very easy to go back through your photos and create collages from past weeks.  But don't stress.

How will I print my book? 
There are TONS of book companies out there, but after working with a professional photographer for over 4 years, I have my eye on one in particular.  I'm in communication with them to try and get you guys the best deal possible for a quality book.  

We have a long way to go before we are ready to print, so I will update with more specific details as we get closer to getting our books ready to print!! 

What App do you use to edit your photos?

PicTapGo - Totally Rad! Inc.

It's a great (inexpensive + totally worth it) photo editing app with endless filter options.  My favorite part of the app is that it allows you to create and save your own "recipes" of your favorite edits so you can use them again and again.

How do you get those Dates on your collage?
I use photoshop on my computer to add the text.

However, to keep things super simple, I recommend using one of the following apps on your computer that all you to add and save text to your photos:

Over - Potluck
InstaQuote Pro - add text captions to photos and pictures for Instagram - Red Cactus LLC
Font Free - Text Overlay for Photos - Brandon Abbott
Typic – Fonts and Filters for Instagram - Hi Mom S.A.S

Can I see some examples?


Here are 2 of my recent collages.  Don't worry about edits.  Worry about moments. This book project is simple, there are no words (besides adding the date if you'd like!), so choose pictures that tell stories. :)

Have more questions? 
Feel free to comment below or email me at beautifullyesoteric(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll do my best to answer your questions quickly!

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