Monday, November 8, 2010

A Simple Sewing Project

Nothing for me is ever a simple sewing project. FYI.

Up and at'um at 7:00 this morning. Daylight Savings has made me a new person :)

Anyways, I found a cute shirt at Old Navy yesterday. However, even though the tag read XS, it was nothing of the sort. But for a mere 4.99, I couldn't pass it up.

Back to this morning. Woke up early. So I decided that I would just do a little stitchity-stich up the side seams of the shirt and it would be golden. No one would ever know (except that now I am putting it on the world wide web. So technically, everyone knows.) I digress.

Put the shirt in the sewing machine and what do you know, I get about 2.5 inches in and my bobbin runs out of thread. (For those non-sewers in the house, it's the underneath thread that is super important to finishing the full stitch.) I was not lucky enough to realize that it was out until I went all the way down the seam, took out my shirt to marvel at my masterpiece, and found no stitch. Annoying for sure. I sucked it up and moved on.

Wind a new bobbin. check. (Though it wasn't that easy because I forgot how to do it so I had to pull out the old manual. 25 minutes later bobbin is wound. check.)

Sew half inch in on both sides. Try on. No luck. Still look like a hippo. Really old navy? I can take a whole 2 inches of fabric out and still looks bad. Ugh. Try again.

Go in another half inch on both sides (doubled though so now I am taking a whole 4 inches of fabric out.) I didn't sign up for this. Oh and let me just mention I make up everything I do on the good ole sewing machine. I have zero training. And not much more practice.

I got one side stitched in. Then I start to do the other side. Halfway through, oh yes, the belt breaks. You heard me. I have a foot pedal-powered (yes that's the technical name, promise) sewing machine. And the belt which powers the needle snaps off. Unfixable. So, now 1 hour into a 5 minute project I should have quit. But I'm no quitter.

So, I hand powered my mechanical sewing machine. You can read it again. Add that to the list of things no one in the world has ever even considered doing. No, I did not 'hand sew', I put my finger in the hole on the side of the wheel and pumped it in a circular motion all the way down and back the seam of my shirt.


So, long story, I mean loooooong story short. Don't ask me for sewing tips.

but, I do have a new shirt out of the gig. Go me.

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