Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pregnancy Superpowers

Superpowers I've acquired since being pregnant...

...I can smell things from a mile away.  Can't find where you left your plate from lunch? Or that dirty sock?  I'm your girl.

...I have the uncanny ability to be sick one day, feel great the next, be sick again the next, and oh - guess what - healthy as can be the next.  It's a fun trick.

...I can forget things like it's my job.  In an instant.  Try that one friends.  I can be mid sentence and 100% forget the rest of it.  Oh and your name? There's a good chance it will take me a minute to think of it.  Got any juicy secrets - go ahead and tell me.  I'll forget them by tomorrow so you won't have to worry about me sharing. 

...I have ridiculously great hair.  And yes I will brag on myself.  My whole life I have spent with lifeless locks and lately, I can actually do things with it.  Up, down, and yes, you better believe it --- even curl.  It's super. 

...I can cry when absolutely ever needed (or not needed).  It's a really cool trick I tell ya.   I wasn't really that moved by last week's Grey's Anatomy, but you better believe I fooled the room.  I could win an award.  

...I have a super elastic belly.  Not sure what good this does, but it's pretty amazing.  It's fairly large in the morning, but give me a couple glasses of water and a full meal and I could knock you down with this thing.  

...Oh, and one last thing.  I am able to speak my mind...without thinking first.  That's right, completely unfiltered.  Try that one my friends.  Baby T is sure to be a passionate little guy/gal. 

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm so glad it finally happened for you :) Keep posting!


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