Friday, July 27, 2012

{ 3 Months }

Weight: 12lb 12oz

Length: 25in

Likes: You finally love your activity mat.  I gave up on the swing and the bouncer but I pushed through with the activity mat.  You really go crazy laying on that thing, batting at all your rings and toys.  You also just love to be independent.  Every once in a while you like to be held, but most of the time if you are fussy, you just want to be put down and left alone.  You love for anyone to talk to you.  You will focus on and smile at anyone who talks to you.  Your new favorite thing to do is make this adorable gargling sound when you are done with your bottle.  Grandma Lisa said it sounds like you are practicing rolling your "R's".  Oh, and of course you love going to Target with your mom. 

Dislikes:  You hate being burped.  You scream bloody murder when I try and stop feeding you.  It's pleasant, really ;)  You have a love/hate relationship with tummy time. 

Milestones: Since 9 weeks you have slept 10-12 hours a night.  You rock. 

You are up to 6 ounces every 3 hours pretty consistently during the day.  You've been a little finicky lately with not finishing your bottles, but I'll pick my battles. 

You want to sit up and stand assisted all. the. time.  Laying down is for babies.  This makes getting things done around the house a little more difficult.  I have a feeling you will be sitting up on your own pretty soon.  

You have definitely found your voice.  And you use it all the time.  You have a lot to say little man and I love trying to figure out what you are trying to tell everyone.  You scream and babble and have the cutest little giggle.  You are very happy. 

Firsts: We took our first long road trip this month to Nashville, TN.  Your dad was at camp with the youth group there and so we tagged along.  We stayed with your Great Aunt Liz and got to meet your cousin Ale and Great Uncle Jim.  Grandpa Hay went with us on the journey!  You were a champ.  We had a bit of a rough trip with a flat tire, but you slept almost the entire way there and back.  You slept through your first fireworks show, but that's okay - there's always next year. 

You stayed in the church nursery for the first time and I only came and checked on you 3 times.  I'd say that's pretty good :)

You were also left with a "babysitter" for the first time last week.  Your Grandma Lisa came and watched you all by herself for while we were helping out at the Springfield Gospel Fest.  I only called to check in on my way home :)  You (and grandma) did great!

Fun Fact: You now are an official cloth diaper baby!  Last week you started wearing them and we never turned back!  Dad says they make your butt look big.  I think they are adorable.


  1. I love your blogs!!!!! I wish lil Peyson would sleep as good as good he does!!!! You are a lucky girl!!! He is so stinkin adoarable I love his HUGE Smiles;)

  2. These pictures are soooo good! I love the monthly stats! You are such a creative lady!


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