Monday, April 29, 2013

In which I ramble on about doors...

Sure, life is always changing, but too many closed doors at once have a way of stopping you in your tracks and asking, "What's next?"

I am positive of one thing.  I am not in control.  The rest of it is pretty open.  :)

There are a few areas of my life that have recently been "closed" that are still a little fresh.  Time will tell where those things will go and I'll share when I have more answers.  {All good things...don't get yourselves all in a tizzy about nothing, now...}

But what's on my heart that I can share...


I have a one year old.  Guys.  Ellis has {quickly} turned into a toddler before my eyes.  Walking, running, and {gasp} throwing fits.  My little baby, throwing fits.  The baby door has been closed on me without my permission and my son went running into toddlerhood without looking back.  I read a lot of books on how to take care of babies.  I know how to change, feed, sleep, repeat like a freaking champ.  But what's next?  I have no idea.  I used to look at those moms in target with the screaming baby with 10% sympathy and 90% wondering why they didn't teach their kid how to behave.  hahahaha.  I wish I could go back and slap the old me.  I definitely didn't teach my kid it was okay to throw himself into a puddle of drama because I wouldn't let him drink my hazelnut macchiato.  But he still did it.  And I had zero clue how to handle it.  So I just took a picture.  This next year should be fun... through the door I must walk...


As a lot of you know, a good friend of mine and I have run a furniture refinishing business for the last few years.  I had a lot of fun, and created a deeper friendship through the process.  Well, my partner is crime is leaving me.  Kris and her family are packing up and moving to heaven on earth, aka Franklin, TN.  And I'm not happy about it.  Really, though, I am excited about where God is taking here and her family and I know He has big plans.  All to say, I've decided this is another area where I will choose to let the door close and not keep it open on my own.  All Things New has officially run it's course.   

But, again, God is moving in new ways.  It's amazing how I try so hard to hold on to the old that when I finally let go, the new hits me upside the head.   Dude, what's taken you so long?  I love the "side business" gig and need a way to let out my creative side.  So, I've dilly dallied in this all my life, and am finally putting one foot in front of the other and making something of  it.  Soon, I will be officially opening my Etsy store.  Get pumped :)  I'll leave you all shakin' in your boots about what exactly will be in store.  {but you can check out my instagram for a few sneak peeks if you just can't contain yourself --- @klthrock}


Last bit of "this girl is crazy" info.  We are looking at houses.  Well, at "a" house.  Yep.  This pregnant lady has officially gone off the deep end.  That's all. 

Sleep is calling my name.

Rambling over. 

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