Friday, January 21, 2011

Bedroom Overhaul: Part 1

My Christmas gift from Bryan was a master bedroom makeover.
Oh, how he loves me.

We have had to postpone the project a few weeks, but that's okay because it only gives me longer to dream :)

Here's our plan (thus far)

1) New Bed: Picture and plans found on She's brilliant. Check it out here.
Yes, we are making this ourselves. Yes, I think it's very possible. And yes, we plan to paint it white and distress it. Oh, and my wonderful husband did the unthinkable. Hold on to your hats ladies...yep...he bought me Pottery Barn bedding. I think he's pretty cool. Oh, and even cooler because he bought it on clearance and used a couple gift cards we earned as rewards so it cost us pennies, but looks like gold!

I'll keep the style a secret for the final reveal :)

2) Side tables: We are looking at a few different options. They are both from Ana-White as well. The first is more typical bed-table-ish, but we are working with limited space. So, we are contemplating option 2 because I love the unique/simple-ness of just a fun colored stool.

3) Lighting:

Completely at a loss here. I want something vintage-y, yet cottage-y, yet in my budget. Which is low people. Here are some lamps from Pottery Barn I've been pining over, but never going to spend the money on:

Lamps are one thing that definitely can't be "hand-made" (not by me at least). So I fear this is going to be the hardest purchase. I'm headed out today to hit up goodwill and the Habitat ReStore and hope for some good finds :)

Dresser: This one will take some time. I'm picky, and, oh, did I mention cheap? I search craigslist every morning and will wait my little heart out until I find the perfect antique dresser that I can restore and distress white. Wish me luck!

Other "accessories" like curtains, some re-furbished picture frames, and possibly a canvas art project are all in the works, but we will just have to see how that all goes. I'm also contemplating repainting the whole bedroom...yikes.

No worries, I will keep you updated fo sho.

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