Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bedroom Overhaul: Part II

Slow and steady wins the race, right? I sure hope so because we are apparently taking our sweet time with this project :)

Thought I would throw up some pictures of some of the progress.

1) Bed: We bought and cut all of the wood. It didn't look like much, but believe you me it is.


Painting this many boards takes a looooong time. Like 5 hours to be exact. Per coat. No joke. Because of the blizzardous conditions out, we are painting in our basement and therefore our space is limited.


Oh and yes, watching paint dry truly is the ultimate boredom. Unless of course you watch the entire season 11 of Law and Order: SVU.


We primed and painted the first coat. The white I selected was a bit too "bright white" for my taste once I got it home, so we got another slightly darker white. But that means another coat of paint.


Another 5 hours. Oh and incase we were keeping track I still have another coat of paint to do in the bathroom remodel from 3 weeks ago. Painting is not one of my favorite things.

For the love.




But,it's coming along. After the paint we will use this stuff called "mocha glaze" to darken the edges and make it look a little more antiqued. Then, it's party time. aka: assembly. Can't wait!

2) Side Tables:

We decided to do the "Simple stools." We have enough left over scrap wood to make them for free. Anything free = amazing. So, I'll take it. I'm thinking I will paint them blue or green for a color pop...still deciding. Maybe chocolate brown...oh the options. Any thoughts?

3) Lighting:

Ugh..Lighting. Somedays I care, somedays I don't. On an "I don't care" day, I found a boxed set of lamps at Target for crazy cheap. We've been looking for 2 side table lamps for the bedroom and a tall lamp for the living room. Viola. Perfection. I mean perfection if you don't care at all about getting cute lamps with any character. On that day I didn't care. Everyday after, I did. The tall lamp works perfectly in the living room, so it wasn't a total waste, but I just don't think the smaller ones are going to work. They are so dull.

What is definitely not dull is the $1.50 small blue glass lamp I found at a thrift store over the weekend. Yup. All it needs is a cool shade and it will be amazing. 1 lamp down, 1 to go. Boring lamps will take their place in our guest room for now.

4) New ideas:

The longer I take to finish this project, the more small projects I will add. It's a sickness, I know. I am working on taking our boring off white area rug and turning it into something like this:

(Project found here)

It's okay to drool, I did. :)

Bryan isn't aware of my desire to blockstamp our area rug, but I feel like this is the best way to break it to him. Who am I kidding, he doesn't read my blog...well...not my fault. He's been officially warned.

Framed art. The last project I have been working on is framing my favorite poem as art for the room. Yup, I guess do have a sappy side. A love poem for bedroom art? Yes, please :)

I snagged this amazing frame at Goodwill for $8. It had a $59 price tag from World Market originally. Love me a good deal.


Off white and distressed. Detail detail detail. It was meant to be. And it's big enough to hang on the wall with a couple other frames. One thing that makes me cringe is when people hang small pictures on large walls. No, you don't have to be annoyingly large, but fill your space people. Please. Now I shall get down off of my soap box.


Moving on...So, I typed up and printed out the poem on a piece of canvas. Only took me 4 different printers which all happened to be out of ink before I finally got it to work. It's a little hard to read, but I'll take what I can get for now. The faded look is actually pretty perfect. Someday down the road I may attempt to print it better. Or I may not. We shall see.


Welp, stay tuned - I promise to keep you updated :)

On another note, I found my Christmas decor pictures tonight, is it kosher to blog those almost 2 months after I took them down? My blog. My choice.

Off to catch up on Grey's and fall asleep reading the latest Flannigan drama...

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