Monday, February 21, 2011

One of these things is not like the other

I finished one project this past week. Another I did not.

Unfortunately, the project I finished wasn't even my project. I know, I know, I'm never going to get around to getting my bed done if I don't just do it. But I am stuck. Really. I have painted it and sanded it and glazed it and assembled it...and its just not right. It looks absolutely gorgeous construction-wise. With a few little adjustments it's perfect. However, it looks dirty. That's right, dirty. And no, I'm not being over dramatic here. I have had a few people validate my fears. So, I'm opening up discussion for any advice on how to "antique" a white bed. I've painted and antiqued many things before, but I guess never have I done it with new wood. It's a whole new monster. Pine soaks up the paint and when you sand it, you don't get that old, dark wood peeking through. You get gross light pine which just makes it look unfinished. I have spoken with 3 "professionals" and all told me to use this Mocha Glaze from Lowes. So I did. The pine showing through looks a little darker, but everywhere I used it on the white paint just makes it look gross. I'm stuck. I don't want this bed to forever disappoint me. I want to love it. I need help.

So, here are the main questions:

Can I paint another coat even though it's assembled now? Will it not just get stuck in all the cracks? Should I have picked a darker white? I didn't want it to be yellow-y but maybe that would help?

How do I use this glaze without looking dirty? (I've tried all the tricks...water down/not water down/wipe off immediately/let dry for a few seconds/etc...)

Anyone know any other finishing techniques besides using this mocha glaze, because I have a feeling nothing I'm going to do it going to work?

Oh, but the project we did finish ended up just loverly:

Meet Kris' new dresser/hutch:




Kris and I seriously finished this in about 3 hours...hardware and all. Oh, and did I mention the entire project cost her less than $50? Welp, it did.

Now if only I could get my bed finished...

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