Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never Let it End

Note: This was supposed to go up yesterday but I guess I never posted it...better later than never, right?

Never let it end, God,
never - please -
all this growing loveliness
all of these
brief moments of
fresh pleasure -
never let it end.
Let us always
be a little breathless
at love’s beauty;
never let us
pause to reason
from a sense of duty;
never let us
stop to measure
just how much to give;
never let us
stoop to weigh love;
let us live -
and live!
Please, God,
let our hearts kneel always,
Love their only master,
knowing the warm impulsiveness
of shattered alabaster:
I know you can see things
the way a new bride sees,
never let it end, God,
never - please.
-Ruth Bell Graham

Bryan and I received a little book of Ruth Bell Graham's poetry on our wedding day from a family member. It was only a few days after we got home from the honeymoon and started unpacking that I opened it up and couldn't stop reading. While reading (and loving) all of the poems in this little book, I came across this one. "Never let it End." After all the new emotion, our beautiful wedding, and an amazing week of honeymooning in the Mayan Riviera, I couldn't put it in better words myself; "never let this end, God, never please - all this growing loveliness, all of these brief moments of fresh pleasure, never let it end."

This continues to be my prayer 2 years later. When reality hits and bad days and bad moods enter our lives - I'm reminded to "never stop to measure how much love to give," Because it is all too true how quickly things can shatter.

Happy Valentines day to my love.

May we always be a little breathless...


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