Saturday, February 26, 2011

DIY:Target wall art

It's after midnight and I'm getting up to drive to b'town in the morning. Point being I should probably be in bed. However, I can't sleep. So, what do I do instead? I design wall art. Sounds so professional. Don't get your hopes too high.

I fell in love with this Target Wall Art a few months ago while perusing the clearance aisles at Target. Of course this wasn't on sale. But it was beautiful. You can search through these and more lovelies here.


I really would love to have this sitting atop my new white dresser. No I didn't find one yet, but I can imagine it so perfectly in my mind. This dark, bold blue accented against the crisp clean white furniture and canvas curtains. I can almost feel it.

But, at $29 per frame, I had to walk right on by. Each time I do, I say to myself "Pfft...29 dollas?? I could sooooo make that for much less." Then I go home and forget all about it. Not tonight.

I ran home and got right to designing. Photoshopping my little heart out. The Target Art was a little to "floral" for me anyways, so I was happy to make some adjustments. And, after a few different rough drafts, here's my latest creation. You will have to just imagine the frame.


I can't wait to get it printed!

If I weren't doing this to save money, I would totally get it printed on a canvas. And no I didn't expect you to guess it, but yes, the middle block is the exact same stamp I am using for the block printing on my rug! All about the details people. :)

Since I already have a frame, I will just have to pay for the print which brings my grand total to: $4.86. Take that Target! (I still love you.) I'm contemplating doing 2 smaller matching prints - one with the middle print and another with the outside print - and framing those next to the large one. That would up my printing cost to $6.86. Yipers. Under 7 buckaroos for all 3. I'll take it.

Welp, It's now past the 1 o'clock hour so I better get some beauty sleep. I am spending the day tomorrow with Jen and her babes. I obviously pumped or I wouldn't be up photoshop designing at 1am.

G'nighty Night!

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