Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Decorating for less...

Not sure how I've blogged for this long and not let this little secret out of the bag. One of my favorite sites to find crafting supplies and high end knock-off decor is a website called Save-On-Crafts. I discovered it one night (probably after 2am) when I was relentlessly searching for cute, yet inexpensive wedding decor. When I found it, my heart melted. Not everything is crazy cheap, but a ton of it is. It's like an online Hobby Lobby. Seriously.

They have everything.

It will take you hours to look through all their treasures. Please do.

Just a couple examples of how you can decorate for less:


Pottery Barn Kids White Chandelier - $169


Save-On-Crafts Chandelier - $19.99

The are the same size, the SOC one is just a bit narrower. Now, yes, I do know the obvious difference that the PBKids one is actually a light and the SOC Chandelier is not. But let's be real, most of the time these cool lanterns are more for looks than to actually replace a main light I actually like the idea that it can just be hung anywhere without worrying about installing and hiding a cord. Oh and again, it's only 19 dollars. :)


Pottery Barn Teen Capiz Chandelier - $129


Save-On-Crafts Capiz Chandelier - $15

Amazing...and $114 less. They are about the same size...actually, the SOC knock-off is larger. Larger shells and longer. And it has a sweet wooden top. Score.


Pottery Barn 10" bird Lantern - $79


Save-On-Crafts 10" bird Lantern - $17

Different color...but if the white is worth $62 more dolla' bills to you, by all means :)

And just a few other of my fave finds from the site:


3 wooden planters - 5", 6" and 8" diameter - $9


Large 36" wooden cake stand - $39

This would be awesome for parties, but just as adorable to decorate and put on a side table year round!

And for those ready to decorate for Easter...



Nest w/ eggs - $3.99

Small "shabby" birds - 4" and 6" - $5.95

and last but certainly not least...


Wooden Milk Crate w/ 4 glass milk jugs - $6.99

This will be in my shopping cart - the perfect addition to our "cottage-y" bedroom redo. I can just see it sitting on a side table or on a dresser. Adorable.

So, go check it out :) Save money and decorate with the best of them!

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