Monday, March 21, 2011

Hair Disaster of 2010

Almost exactly a year ago today, was a very bad no good day.

Better known as: The Haircut Disaster of 2010.

Aka: The day my husband laughed at me, uncontrollably.

It was bad. Really really really bad. Unexplainably bad.

Everyone has bad haircuts, I know, I know...but please...

Let me warn you. It's not pretty.

Image # 1 is the disaster. It's a mullet. For reals. Straight up Billy Ray. I could have won a look-a-like Carol Brady contest. But those don't exist in the year 2010 because no one, I repeat no one desires to have Carol Brady's hairdo.

Image # 2 is the "fix" of said disaster. I'm not gunna lie. This is the best pic I could find. Seriously it was even worse than this but I really can't bring myself to post the worst. Oh and yes, please notice the thinness of the hair. She thinned it. Yup, I have no hair to begin with but she thought I needed less.

Image # 3 is one year later. Hair grows. All things are made new. I am living proof.

Okay, here goes nothing...laugh away, I give you permission...


Thanks to all my friends who still went out in public with me.
Here's to better hair in 2011.

1 comment:

  1. Someday I should show you pics of my bad hair days in 6-8th grade. 3 years of John Lennon-ness. Completely horrifying.


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