Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christmas in March?

Spring always comes. Even in the coldest of days in the winter when you really don't believe it will ever be warm again and all you want is to not wear 18 layers everywhere you go.

Well, that day has come. And it's glorious.

So, since I'm over being bitter about winter I am finally ready to post these :) Not in the least bit excited to look at Christmas decor pics? My blog, get over it.

Decorating for Christmas is a big day in the Throck house. We love it. Crank up the tunes (this year's fave was Dave Barnes Christmas Album), drink as much coffee as you can, and turn up the joy.
And oh was there joy...

Here's the end result. Of course it's all long gone by now, but it was just what I needed to get me through the winter blues.


Happy First Day of Spring!

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