Sunday, February 13, 2011

Room Layout Options

According to my husband what I have spent my day doing is "weird." I don't get it. Am I really the only one who would do this?

Here's where it all started: I've been going back and forth with dresser ideas (I know, shocker...) and I think I may have come to a happy middle. Many wise people told me the cubby idea was cool, but maybe not too practical. When I started looking at the basket sizes I was faced with the reality that 2-3 items of clothing was all I was going to be able to fit per basket without them overflowing. And with my inability to fold and put away clothing neatly, I just have to veto the idea. I cringe just imagining being able to see into baskets of un-perfectly folded clothing. What was I thinking? I'm still not giving up on my perfect antique dresser search, because there is still time, but for now I'm looking into a different option I found at Ikea. I'm embarrassed to even show yet another idea because it proves my inability to make decisions, but here it is. Check out the Vallvik dressers. Solid wood, check. Good price, check. 6 drawers, check. Short and long, not so much. Short, yes, but only 55" long. Most 6 drawer dressers are at least 63" long. Ugh. What now? Well, Bryan came up with an idea that at first I was totally against, but is growing on me more and more. Now hold on to your seats people, but I'm actually contemplating getting both the 3 drawer and the 6 drawer dresser to create an amazingly long dresser. I know, it's crazy. And expensive. No, not expensive. For 2 dressers this is probably cheap, borderline ridiculously cheap. But if you know anything about me, you know I'm about to throw up just thinking about spending that much money on dressers. Ugh. So, ignore the price tag and don't judge me, just look at the dressers and dream with me.

So, to really know if my idea was going to work, I needed to see it. Not see the dresser, but see the room. See the vision. Feel the space. Maybe I really am weird.

Anyways, I designed the room. Took measurements and then created a miniature, yet perfectly proportioned, replica of our bedroom. I'm a graphic designer people, back off.


Option # 1


Option # 2


Option # 3


The biggest issue we have is the windows. I'm pretty sure whoever designed this room was not thinking about furniture placement. There is nowhere to put a bed that is not in front of a window or just plain awkward. And yes, I know there is one whole wall with no windows but have you ever walked into a bedroom and not seen the foot of the bed? It's the weirdest feeling ever. Totally bad chi. Not that I even know chi, but if I did, it's gotta be about the worst chi decision you could make. That's just out of the question. Plus, I'm not putting all this time, effort, and hard earned dolla bills into making a bed and side tables just to hide them on the back wall where no one can see them. Not happening peeps. :) So, again, the only 2 walls that are actually options are filled with oddly placed windows. No matter what I do, the window will be partially covered. With a taller headboard now, I have to be even more careful cover no more than half of the window as to not block out all the wonderful natural light.

Time to vote. Let me know what you think. Or I'm totally open for suggestions of other layouts. Just keep in mind I do not, I repeat do not do angled furniture. The chair being slightly angled is something I have accepted only after months of counseling, but I will do no more.

Okay, okay, it's official, I am weird.

Ready, set, feedback.

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  1. I really like options #1 and #3... I know that doesn't help all that much.. but that is my feedback ;)


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