Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jersey Knit Bracelets

Do you ever have the itch to create?  Oh, I do.  There's just nothing like creating something.  Call me crazy, but I woke up this morning craving to create.  Running to the computer to run through my blogs, I finally found this adorable DIY while perusing through Pinterest.  (oh, and please oh please tell me you know what Pinterest is...if not, go there blog can wait!)

You can see the full tutorial here from "V and Co.":

I didn't have the fun colors that she did, but I scoured my t-shirt drawers and found the perfect too-old-to-wear stretchy t-shirts to use.  I did the 2-strand one and found that it was easier to use my middle and ring finger rather than my pinky.  Maybe it's just me, but my pinky was so much shorter than my ring finger that it just wasn't workin out!  And I found that about 18-20 links is a perfect size.  It will look too small, but they will stretch way out when you put them on.  

And here's what I came up with (don't mind my attempt to take a trendy pic like V):

I know, I know...compared to V's mine look like athletic sweat bands, but I promise they are cute in person!  I got many compliments at church today :)

And then, I spent the rest of my day creating over at AllThingsNew

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