Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinterest Musings...

Turns out whoever created Pinterest is Genius.  They somehow get us to believe that we are all super crafty and organized and now somehow going to accomplish more things in life because we can pin them all to a board.  There's actually something about just pinning a project to my board that makes me feel accomplished.  Like maybe everyone out there will think I actually did this.  Or hey, my son's nursery might not be complete, but I sure do have a lot of cute things pinned in my "Baby T" board so that counts for something right?

Wrong. Now not only do I not complete projects, but I spend hours pinning projects that I will never complete.   But I love it.  And so do all of you.  Something about feeling crafty without actually being crafty.  About knowing that I can soak my feet in Listerine to get the dead skin off but not actually doing it still makes me feel cleaner.  If I Pin a "daily cleaning checklist" but never use it, or heck even read it, I still feel like a better housewife.  They are genius.  Pure genius.

However, I've got the best of them.  I actually am using my Pinterest boards today.  For real.  Putting the virtual pinboad to life.  I'll show them...

Today's (well let's be real, this week's) Pinterest Projects include:

Meal Planning from my Recipe's Board:

Chicken Tacos
Cowboy Casserole
Baked Cheesy Tortellini

Crafting from my "Baby T" Board:

Name Bunting
DIY Beanbag covers
Striped Wall DIY

Beauty project from my "organize and clean":

Listerine Foot wrap (yes I really am excited about this one...)

And lastly, because we are going to Florida this weekend (oh, did I forget to mention that?), I will be scouring Pinterest for packing lists and tips to keep a 4 month old happy on an airplane.  Yikes.  Exactly why I didn't mention the trip. I'm attempting to not stress about it and the only way to do that is to pretend it's not happening.  That's also a great way to have a heart attack come Thursday, but I'll take it in stride :)

I'll keep you up to date on these projects!

Oh, and of course no post would be complete without a photo, so I will include one from this morning's Dr appt.  That's right, E Man is 4 months old!  I can't miss the opportunity to take his 4 month pics on the beach this weekend, so the post and details will come later!  
But these eyes can hold you over till then...

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