Monday, September 17, 2012

{ sitting, pinning, & praying... }

Watch out world...we have a sitter!  That's right!  E has been able to sit up assisted for quite a while now, but never really showed any interest in wanting to do it on his own.  Until yesterday!  And now, of course, it's all he wants to do.  Only problem is, when he falls --- he falls hard!  So,  I don't go very far, but it is fun watching him learn and hit milestones along the way.  You would think he was going for an olympic medal in sitting by the way Bryan and I cheered for him.  

{ Ellis sits --- 9/15/2012 }

He surely would have won the gold...


In other news, I have been making a lot of Pinterest meals.  Bryan wanted to know what dinner was going to be before I looked in the cupboards at 5:30 each night, and I guess I don't blame him.  Planning ahead really does work better whether I am ready to admit it or not :)  

A good friend recommended we try this Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe she made from Pinterest.  She claimed her kids liked it better than take out!  Now, I'm a little partial to my Hunan, but I decided I would give it a try! 

Turns out, it was pretty darn good!  And not too difficult.  It was a bit more sweet than sour and in the future I might cut the brown sugar down, but besides that, the way the chicken is cooked is really kinda fun and tastes great!  I even was able to fry up the chicken in the morning while E was napping and then I just made the sauce and threw it in the oven for an hour and it was ready when B got home! 

This is for sure to be added to our dinner rotation!

{ Sweet and Sour Chicken - }

Okay, fine, I don't really have a dinner "rotation".  Do people really have this?  Or is it just something people say about meals they will make again.  I don't have a literal list of meals that I rotate.  Maybe I novel an idea.  Okay, I guess people really do this. 


What I can tell you is that the following meal, unless completely overhauled, will NOT be entering any rotation of mine.  Introducing, the worst overnight oatmeal I've ever eaten.  Now, let me be fair,  99% of the time I blame yucky food on myself.  And I do in this case as well.  I am sure I did something wrong, because many people have told me these are the bomb-digity.  I somehow managed to follow the recipe perfectly (minus the chia seeds - which are listed as only optional) and my oatmeal turned into yucky-crunchy-yet soupy-sour-oatmeal-mush.  I kid you not, I spit it out of my mouth.  (kinda of like how B spit the moldy cucumber that I accidentally served him out of his mouth yesterday --- but that's a whole 'nother story...)

{ Overnight Oatmeal - }

Help me out, anyone know what I could have done wrong?  I mean they sure do look pretty!


Okay...must get back to work while I am childless and at Starbucks (glorious...) but I wanted to share a bit of a story with you today.  A friend of mine is going through one of the roughest times of her life with a lot of unknowns coming up in the very near future.  Without sharing too much detail could you all just keep my friend "C" and her little unborn baby A in your prayers this week?  I know that's very vague, but God knows her story and will hear ya.  I promise :)  Thank you. 

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