Thursday, September 20, 2012

{ change of pace... }

We've been sick around these parts lately. Head colds, sore throats, coughing up name it. Change of the season does it to me every time. Usually Bryan is able to escape it, but not this time. And E has his own troubles...teething is back in full force as well as not having mom at dad at peak performance has made him a little on the fussy side.

So, we've been handing on and off the baby, sleeping on the couch, and buying stock in anti bacterial hand sanitizer. This also means Mister and I have been house bound for years. Okay fine, days, but it feels like years. Either way, we needed out.

So, I packed him up, all ready to hit the park to get some much needed fresh air therapy...all to realize the stroller is in the car. And the car is with Bryan at work. Ugh. Back in house. Cue meltdown... It's as if I had dangled a porkchop in front of him and then snatched it away. He's 5 months people, sure I "told" him we were going to the park, but please, he didnt really know. But somehow he knew.He melted down fast and hard. It wasn't pretty. And this mommas head couldn't take another second. So, I had to improvise.

With A blanket, bumbo, rattle, book and baby (and a puppy at my heels) we created the best darn park we could, right in our backyard.

And by golly, it was just what we needed. A little story time, a little rattle dancing with mom as lead vocals, and a happy puppy we got some much needed fresh air.

And hey, only 12 Mosquitos were harmed in the process.

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