Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{ 4 Months }

Weight: 14lb 10oz

Length: 26.75in

Likes: You want to stand.  All the time.  Sitting and laying down is no fun.  You have such strong legs and you love to use them! Your new favorite love is your jumper.  It was a gift from Jen and her momma and it's perfect.  You press the buttons and play music for yourself non-stop!  When you first got it, your feet didn't even touch the ground, but now they do!  You also have learned to play with your rattle and rings and you love those too!  

Dislikes:  You still aren't a big fan of your tummy time.  You just roll right over.  Within seconds, every single time.  You also don't like to be held facing in.  I guess you are just like your mom, very curious and want to see everything that is going on.  

Milestones: Still sleeping through the night!  However, naps are a different story.  We are really struggling trying to get you to take naps during the day.  You will nap in the morning for about an hour, but that's about it.  The rest of the day you may nod off here and there, but nothing consistent.  We're not giving up though! :)

You are still eating about 6 oz every 3 hours.  We are just about to start with some baby food!  I'm thinking we will start with some oatmeal and see how that goes!  

Still not quite sitting up on your own.  You have gone a good 1-2 minute stretch sitting up, but you are definitely not strong enough that we feel comfortable leaving you unattended.  You are so close though!

You are teething.  It's official.  Who knows when the tooth will actually pop through, but we can feel it and you are definitely showing all the signs.  We pray they come quickly...

You are growing out of all of your clothes so quickly!  You wore 0-3 month clothes for so long, we thought you would never out grow them, but now you are quickly outgrowing your 3-6 month onesies and sleepers and we're thinking this size isn't going to last quite as long.

Firsts: You have started grabbing at things intentionally.  We will set your toys down in front of you and you will reach for them with such determination.  You don't always succeed, but you keep trying!

You had your first airplane ride!  (Well, it was a day after you turned 4 months, but that's okay :)  It was very exciting and everyone on the plane commented on how great you did, most not even realizing there was a baby onboard!  You just slept in my arms almost the entire trip!  

Your vacation had a lot of "firsts" --- first time on the beach, first time in the Ocean (Gulf to be accurate), watching your first sunset, first time seeing where Aunt Lauren lives, first time eating sand...it was bound to happen!  You enjoyed it all.

Fun Fact: You have a new "home."  Your dad finally convinced me to move your nursery from the side room off of our bedroom to your own nursery across the hall.   This momma put up a fight, but it really was a good decision in the end.  We painted and got all the big furniture in, but are still working on the finishing touches.  We really, really need some blinds to keep you asleep past 6:45am, but besides that, we all love your new nursery!

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