Monday, January 28, 2013

{ 9 Months }

Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz
Length: 31 in
(Your stats didn't change...)

Likes:  Peek a boo!  We say "where's Ellis?" and you stop everything to put your head down and "hide" and then pop up to say "there he is!"  You think it's hilarious.  You are right.  You also have started paying attention to the TV.  You really like Bob The Builder.  It only holds your attention for about 5 minutes, but if it gets you to sit still for 5 minutes, we will take it!  You also love Stanley.  You get so excited when you see him walk by and want to "pat pat" him all the time!

Dislikes:  Getting your diaper changed.  Getting your clothes changed.  Pretty much anything that makes you sit still.  You don't like to stay in one place.  You don't like your new carseat either.  Once you are in and settled, its okay, but getting you in and settled is not easy.  Again, I think it's being you are being forced to be still for a moment.

Milestones: We have a crawler!!  You have quickly gone from "scooting" around to full out crawling.  And crawling FAST!  On the hardwood you do more of an army crawl but as soon as you get on the carpet you get those knees up under you.  It's pretty fun to watch you learn and explore.

You are also pulling up on things.  The problem is that you don't hold on.  You pull up and then just rest yourself against the object.  And you have no balance at all, so as soon as you pull up and let go, you fall.  I see lots of bumps and bruises in your future.  Your dad says that is what comes with being a boy.

Still eating only purees.  We do yogurt bites on occasion, but they are so hit or miss that we don't risk it very often.  Puffs are a big no no.  We are attempting to thicken up your food, but it's really not working well.

Naps are still great!  Sleeping at night however, is not so much.  For the past 2-3 weeks you have been up at least once a night.  You can go back to sleeping through the night anytime you'd like :)

The best news of the month...No more helmet!!  You graduated from the helmet on New Years Eve.  You were down to 8mm and your dad and I decided that it was time to be done!  You had outgrown the helmet and they were going to have to make a new one and start over.  The Drs agreed that your head looked amazing and there was no reason to start a new helmet!  It's been off for about 3 weeks now and I feel like it was an eternity ago.  This could be another reason why your night sleep has been worse, but we will get through it.

Firsts: You (FINALLY) got your first tooth!  It popped through on Dec 21st and as of January 20th, you were still working on it.  That's right, still working on one tooth!  It keeps getting bigger.  And no more even are looking like they will come through soon.  This teething thing is not going to be fun.

Christmas!  Your first Christmas was definitely a fun experience.  You obviously didn't understand everything going on, but you knew that there were lots of people to play with and lots of pretty paper to eat.  We had "Christmas" at Grandpa Hay's house on Christmas Eve...complete with a visit from Santa!  Christmas morning we were home with Grandma Lisa and Aunt Lauren.  After that we packed up and spent the rest of the day out at Nana and Grandpas with lots of little cousins to play with!  You were very blessed with great toys and gifts from lots of family and friends.  You are one loved little boy.

Fun Fact: You love to be worn.  Yes, at 9 months old we still wear you around the house in the BJorn carrier at least once a day.  When you are restless it really is the only thing that will calm you down.  I'm hoping that you don't get much larger or that you learn to fall asleep a different way because at this point I'm not sure how much longer you will fit in this thing (or how much longer I will be able to hold you up!) :)

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