Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{ 8 months }

Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz

Length: 31 in

Likes:  People.  All you want is for someone to pay attention to you.  You will play and play and play as long as someone is within eye sight.  The second you are alone is a whole different story.  You like rattles and shaking anything that makes noise.  You love to stand.  You get this look on your face and everyone knows you are soooo proud of yourself when you stand up.  Oh, and splashing in the tub.  Getting mama all wet is soooo funny!

Dislikes:  Still not a fan of textures.  We are getting better.  You hate being laid down.  Whether it's to get you dressed, changed your diaper, or even lay you down to take a bottle, you freak out like we are pinning you down.  You get over it pretty quick, but it's not a fun trick :)  You don't like when your dad or I walk by without acknowledging you.  We can't walk through a room without stopping to say hi or you act like we are the meanest parents in the whole wide world.  I guess stopping a moment to see you isn't so bad though.


You are scooting.  Not crawling, but doing everything in your power to scoot, roll, or slide your way to get what you want.

You are back to eating on a bit of a better schedule.  You still don't like the textures, but you will eat the pouches of food 2-3 times a day.  You are still taking 4-5 6oz bottles a day.

You are taking great naps!!  I never thought this day would come.  You aren't completely regimented, but that's okay.  Pretty consistently you are taking a 2 hour nap in the morning and about an hour in the afternoon.  This has been great as now your mama can get more things done :)

We are making progress in the helmet!  We had an appointment a few weeks ago and they said that you had gone from 15mm down to 9mm.  The goal is to get you under 6mm difference.  Your orthotist says that there is a good chance you will be done with the helmet by the end of the year!  We have an appointment on new years eve.  Your dad is beyond excited, I am not holding my breath.  I guess we will wait and see!


Words - "mama!!"  You said it for the first time when you were really really angry, but none the less, you said it :)  And "hey!"  Anytime someone walks in the room you look and say "hey!!"  It's pretty cute.  You also think it's hilarious when I tell you to "say mama" and you look and me and yell "dada!"

Thanksgiving at home and in Petersburg.  You didn't partake in the food this year - besides throwing up a few mashed potatoes.  That was enough for the day.  But we had a good holiday!

It was a bad month of sicknesses around here.  It seems that you've inherited your mama's lungs.   You spent most of the month on nebulizer treatments.  I think we are finally over it all.  Here's to hoping to a warm rest of the winter.

Fun Fact: 

You really love your puppy.  You will smile when he walks by and love when he sticks around long enough for you to "pet" him.  Your petting involves more pulling and hitting, but we are working on it!   You love listening to Andrew Peterson's "Slugs and Bugs" album in the morning with your dad.  Many times I can hear him singing to you and you just cackle.  You've got a pretty awesome dad.  

Love you little Mister!
(This month's photos were taken by Kyle Shultz)

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