Sunday, November 25, 2012

{ 7 months }

Weight: 16 lbs 12 oz

Length: 30 in

Likes:  You love to talk.  You mumbled before, but now all you do is talk.  Or scream.  Whichever. You found lots of new octaves and you use them all.  :)  You love to dance and to watch us dance.  You think your momma is soooo funny when she dances around to get you to smile.  You also love to look at yourself.  After your baths, when we walk in front of the mirror you just stop and stare and smile at yourself.  All while rubbing your head of course :)  You also LOVE to sneeze.

Dislikes:  Any food that has texture.  Yeah, we're hoping this one passes.  We tried to move you up to the next "level" of baby food and you want nothing to do with it.  Doctor says that it's most likely a texture aversion mixed with a over sensitive gag-reflex.  Lovely.  I tried to give you applesauce and you gagged and threw up.  Applesauce!  We've tried mashed potatoes, avocado chunks, smashed peas, and banana.  All of which were an absolute no-go throw up mess.


You finally sit up!  Well, you've been sitting up for a while, but you sit up all on your own!!  When you start getting tired we will put the boppy behind you just in case, but for the most part you are golden.

You are FINALLY easy to bathe.  You are so squirmy that I have always just prayed that you don't slip and hit your head on the porcelain tub or roll over into the water.  You would flail and splash and I would just rush to get it done as quick as possible.  Now that you sit up so well, you will play with toys and actually enjoy bath time.  And I'm not a nervous wreck the whole time.  

You are still in the helmet.  The doctor says it will be at least 3-4 months.  We missed the 5 month growth spurt, and so we may be looking at a little bit longer, but that's okay!  You are doing great and don't seem to mind it one bit.  Sometimes you get so fussy when it's not on that we wonder if you are just more comfortable with it on.  


Words!  And, of course, you said "da da".  It's not like I'm home with you all day everyday.  No big deal... :)  No, it's actually pretty darn cute and I don't mind that you can't say "ma ma" yet because I'm sure once you start you won't stop!  Your dad thought you were just saying it and didn't know what it meant, but now when he walks in the room you yell, "da da" right at it, so we are fairly confident you know exactly who your da da is!

Your first night NOT sleeping through the night (since you were 6 weeks old).  This one is not so fun.  Thought I really can't complain, but you had a few bad nights when you were sick this month.  That's okay - the late night snuggles really aren't that bad when you only have to do them every now and then!

You had your first halloween!  (just a few days after you turned 6 months!) Mom made you a homemade Owl costume, and we carved you a little "e" pumpkin.  Even though you had no clue what was going on, we took you trick or treating and you seemingly had a great time!

Fun Fact: 

You rode on a train for the first time and did great!  You loved being able to sit in your own seat and watch all the fun stuff out of the window.  We took the train up and back for your Aunt Sarah's wedding in Chicago.   Some of your cousins were on the train with us and so you had a great time being passed around and playing with the boys!  You had a blast at the wedding and you looked pretty snazzy in your fancy wedding duds.  

We love you little mister.  Happy 7 months!

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