Sunday, November 25, 2012

{ 6 months }

One half of a year.  Every single mom on the planet has said this, and I completely agree.  I feel like you were born yesterday while at the same time I don't remember life without you.  Well, I mean I remember it.  But I don't at the same time.

Weight: 16 lbs 4 oz

Length: 29.5 in

Likes:  You are all about the people.  Just like your momma.  A social butterfly.  As long as there is someone to talk to you or someone for you to look at, you are happy.  When we leave the room, you let us know how utterly boring your life is without someone to play with! :)  You are starting to interact with Stanley.  He's not so sure about it.  He just lays and lets you pull and pat him...for about 30 seconds.  Then he gets up and hides in the corner.  Soon he won't be able to run from you!

Dislikes:  Your tummy.  You hated it, then didn't mind it, and now you hate it again.  You will roll from your back to your tummy and as soon as you get there, you get mad and roll right back over.  Silly boy.  You hate having your nose wiped.  We've had our share of illness this month and we learned this well.  You will arch your back and scream bloody murder...all over a little kleenex.  


Still not quite sitting on your own.  Every time we think you have it, we turn around and down you go!  You will sit, but not without a barricade of pillows, blankets, and then an inevitable face plant. 

1-2 meals of purees a day.  No more stinking oatmeal - that's for babies.  You love carrots, green beans, and prunes.  You hate (and are possibly allergic to) bananas.  You aren't so fond of apples or spinach either.  But we keep trying!  And still going strong with 6-7 ounce bottles every 3 hours!

Rolling!  You started rolling back to front, and in one day you just didn't stop!  Now we never know where we will find you when we leave a room.  It's fun, but makes it a little harder to get things done!

You are outgrowing your clothes faster than I can buy them!  You are 25% in weight and 100% for height!  Someone is taking after their dad!  You are now wearing 6-9 month clothes.


Sickness :(  We had a lot of firsts this month - ear infection, high fever, allergic reaction, late night throwing up.  All no fun at all!!  You handled it like a champ and after about 2 weeks I think we finally kicked it all.

You are officially a helmet baby.  You got your helmet Oct 10.  The first few days were a little rough, but we made it!  We are about 2 weeks in and you rock it.  It's the cutest thing.  You wear it 23 out of 24 hours a day.  We've decorated it a couple times...white, blue, and currently it is grey chevron.  Your dad wants it changed, so I guess I need to start thinking of new ideas.

Fun Fact: 

When we take your helmet off, you just lay there and rub all over your head.  I mean its the cutest thing ever.  A little itching, but mostly just rubbing back and forth all over your hair.  It's like you missed your head while it was in the helmet.  It's stinking adorable.

Your Nana T made you a half cake for your half birthday.  Your dad and I wouldn't let you eat it, but we let you play in the icing!  You didn't even try and put it to your mouth - kid, you don't know what you were missing!  Happy 6 months Mister!

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