Friday, October 26, 2012

{ 5 months }

Seriously, I had this typed and ready to post over a month ago and then somehow it disappeared.  I've been dragging my feet in bitterness to re-write it, but finally got over myself and decided that the longer I wait, the less I will remember.  Boo.  Here we's all still accurate, don't worry that I'm faking info, but I just don't remember all the little quirks I wish I did.  Such is life.

Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz

Length: 26.5 in

Likes: Spitting.  Yep.  Spitting everywhere.  Spitting spit, spitting food, spitting your pacifier.  You think you are pretty funny.  You are eating solids pretty consistently now!  You love avocado, prunes, and squash.  REALLY love prunes.  You still love your exersaucer.  You jump like crazy!  Your dad. Yes, he's pretty much your favorite.  

Dislikes:  Being alone.  We didn't know separation fears started this young!  Seriously, you will be laughing up a storm and then if we walk away, you scream.  It's a fun game you like to play.  Napping. Napping is still no fun.  You fight it, and you don't stay asleep.  As far as food goes, you seriously hated sweet potatoes (mama was happy about that!) and mangos were a big no.

Milestones: You are still sooooo close to sitting up on your own!  You have the strength but still are struggling a bit with the balance.  I think it's more of a focus thing.  You can do it, but as soon as you decide you focus on something else, down you go.  

You have started solids.  We started with some oatmeal just a few days a week and are now up to eating some veggies and fruits.  You get 1-2 cubes of food twice a day.  You aren't a huge eater yet.  You just aren't really thrilled about it, but you are getting better.   You are also still taking 4-5 6 ounce bottles a day.

You are so animated.  This is just a really fun age.  You respond to your name, play with all your toys, and (the best of all!) can put your pacifier in your mouth all by your self!!


Successful nap in the crib!  We are working so hard on getting you on a better schedule during the day. You've always been such a good night sleeper that we didn't really fight the naps but it's starting to get really hard to get anything done with a fussy baby!  So, we finally have had some successful crib naps! We are now working on getting these naps to be a little longer, but we will take what we can get. :)

Physical therapy appointments.  We are working on getting your head a little more round.  We are doing all we can to avoid having to have a helmet, but at this time it's not looking too good.  We will know soon whether or not the helmet is a go.  Either way we will rock it out - but we are hoping the physical therapy will be all you need!

Fun Fact: 

You are the drooliest baby ever.  Your hands are always in your mouth, and your neck is always soaking wet.  At this point you still have no teeth, but you drool and chomp on everything like it's your job.  We have to change your shirt at least once a day because you will have drool down to your belly button.  Before you were born, whenever your mom would play with other babies she always said, "I can usually handle anything, but please oh please God don't give me a drooly baby!"  Well, be careful what you wish for!

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