Monday, October 15, 2012

{ 10 hours }

hi all.

10 hours of sleep.  That's what my new fancy sleep cycle iPhone app says. 

10 hours of sleep. 

4 hours and 29 minutes on Sunday night.

5 hours and 31 minutes on Monday night.

2 days.  10 hours. 

Yet I feel refreshed. 

These last 2 nights have included extra late hours of crafting and blogging.  Creation makes me happy.  Bringing my imagination to life is what gives me life.  I needed 10 hours of sleep.  

These last 2 mornings have been a little easier to get up.  Because I had a plan.  Because I have a list of crafts to complete and dinners to cook and pictures to edit.  Because I felt a purpose.  Because I only had 10 hours of sleep. 

These last 2 days have been less fussy.  Not because of a happy baby, but because of a happy mama.  A refreshed mama.  A creative, fun, I-want-to-sit-and-sing-you-silly-songs-all-day mama.  Because I got 10 hours of sleep.  

And because I have made time for Him.  Not preparing for bible study time.  Not reading stories from the baby bible to Ellis time.  But just time.  Late nights hanging out and days of long on going chats.  I've just brought Him along with me.  To the wee hours, to the silly songs, and to the early mornings.

And I can have good, fun, creative, life giving days, on only 10 hours of sleep, because of Him.  

And because of ladies like Raechel who understands the life of a mama/wife/crafter/sillysongsinger/jesuslover/dailysinner like me.  And my desperate need to walk through these truths.   And not do it alone.  Join us?

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  1. I've been doing the SheReadsTruth thing for a while now too. This verse really rocked me this last week!

    It was like I could just breathe and know that yep, I'm going to be all right!

    I need to keep Him with me and before me more. Thanks for the reminder!


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