Monday, October 1, 2012

{ helmet update... }

We had our appointment for his fitting last friday.

Despite the fact that he had a belly ache that morning, he was totally cool with the entire appointment.  He got a little fussy when they put the sock on his head...but really, who would enjoy someone stretching a sock over their head?  

It was actually pretty interesting how they create the mold for the helmet.  They tape this sensor thing to the top of the sock on his head and used a wand with a built in digital camera to "scan" his skull shape. They were able to create a perfect virtual replica of his head on the computer screen in a matter of minutes.  It just appeared as they were scanning.  Pretty awesome.  

The lady then asked what color I would like the helmet.  While she was very nice and great with Ellis the entire appointment, when it came to "helmet style" I just don't think we saw eye to eye.  She clearly doesn't understand my aversion to all things "cutesy."  She really tried to sell me on the green and red tie dye.  Then after I vetoed that, moved on to the cream color with bunnies.  Yes, you read correctly, bunnies.  Sorry, ma'am, I appreciate the thought, but he's really not a bunny kind of kid.   I asked if there were any stripes and she proceeded to show me the lightning bolts, clouds, and the "customer favorite": bright, blinding royal blue.  Not quite stripes.  And definitely no chevron.  Not even a polka dot.  The designer in me was absolutely squirming.  Maybe I need to start working for the helmet design company because they clearly need help.  

So, against her better judgement, she allowed me to order the white helmet.  I think she really thought I was the worst mom with her pleadings of "white can really look sterile and medical..." and "are you really sure you don't want something more fun, did you see the ocean one with sea creatures?"  Yes, kind lady, I really did see them all and I will not abuse my child by making him wear an all white helmet.  I will decorate it, I promise. I will not let you down.  

We go back on the 9th for the helmet delivery.  Then starts 3-4 months of helmet wearing.  23 out of 24 hours a day.  I think I can, I think I can.

I've been researching the best way to paint stripes on an orthotic helmet.  Apparently there's not much info.  I guess I will be the first...

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  1. how about using vinyl on it? might be safer and more foolproof than painting. and easier to change if you don't like it. i'm sure he will do great with it! glad the appt. went well.


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