Monday, October 1, 2012

{ Studio e. }

Just a little re-branding.  Working on a few new projects and hoping to get a shop page up on my blog soon so I can easily share my goods!

First official Studio e. project is my first (and maybe only) set of Christmas cards.  I'm a bit obsessed with chevron.  Besides that---there's really nothing crazy-special about these.  I'm really over the super layered, tons of photos, multi-font overload that has been the trend in past years.  It had it's time.  

Back to what I like best --- Simple.

These photoshop templates are available individually for personal use ($10) or as a set with unlimited rights for professional photographers ($45).  

{basic photoshop knowledge needed to insert photo & printing not included}

Email me at: if you are interested.  

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