Monday, June 10, 2013

20 weeks

20 weeks.

That means I am officially halfway through this pregnancy.

...and happy to say I am feeling much better than my last update!  They say each pregnancy is harder on your body and I believe it.  I'm already feeling aches and pains that I didn't feel until the end with Ellis.

I felt like the beginning of the pregnancy crawled by, but now the weeks seem to be flying.  I am sure they will slow down here again towards the end when I'm hot and ready to be done.

I can't eat tomatoes/red sauce this go 'round...and it's killing me.  I lived off of pizza rolls during my last pregnancy.  I swear I crave them daily...but my stomach just can't handle them.  So, Baby Two, you better know I am making huge sacrifices for you. :)

Already outgrowing my clothes and on the brink of having the "I have absolutely nothing to wear" freak out that hits all pregnant women about this time.  Bryan says it's a worse phenomenon than the first trimester hormones.  Probably because this one costs him money.

We find out on Thursday if little "Baby Two" is a boy or a girl!  Bryan and I are both still leaning towards boy, but we will see!

All in all I am feeling great and enjoying the seasonably cooler weather while it lasts.

Ellis wanted to join me for my 20 week photos this time around.  And we were photobombed by Stan a few times as well...but I left in a few outtakes for you to enjoy :)

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