Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shop news, vacation + free download

I have a love/hate relationship with vacation.  It's great to get away, and I look forward to it, but there is so much planning beforehand and catching up afterwards that I oftentimes let myself get caught up in the chaos and don't let myself enjoy the break.

We will be headed out for 2 full weeks.  Away from our closets, away from Ellis' crib, away from our washer and dryer, and away from the shop.  There is a LOT that goes into planning for this.  A lot of packing.  A lot of list making.  A lot of thinking ahead.  Those things are not necessarily my strongest suits.   I tend to write things down, and then my brain somehow associates it as completed.  It's trouble really.  Because if it stays in my brain, it's bound to be lost...but if it goes on paper its bound to never get done.  It's a predicament being me I tell ya.  :)


So, instead of "planning" to get things done, I'm just "doing".  I'm crossing things off in my head as quickly as they come to mind.  

One of those things is to put the BE shop on "vacation mode".  

So, this is your official warning :) 
...Any orders placed by midnight on Tuesday will ship out this week.  After tuesday, any shop orders will not ship until July 5th.   

You've been warned.  Check.


And, as a little gift, just because vacation makes me happy and extra giving :)  I've put up a free print download in the shop for all of you!  That's right, free!  

Download and enjoy here

Just click the link and then download the file...use it as your desktop background, print and send to a friend for encouragement, or print and frame it as a daily reminder :) 

Hopefully this verse is as helpful to you this week as it will be for me!  

Off to do more things from the list (in my head)...

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