Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sleep, toilet paper + gift sets


We've done it.  A lot of you told me it would be worth it.  Last week at this time I laughed and said no way, never.  But it worked.  He's sleeping like a champ.

Nap time this morning... zero crying my friends.  Thanks for all the prayers and advice.  They really did help :)

...and anyone going through sleep issues, hold on.  It does get better and you aren't alone.  I promise.


Toilet paper.

Guys this is awesome.  I can't help but share :)

I won a years supply of toilet paper!!!

My friend and fellow blogger, Mandy --- over at Creative Cents --- just had a Quilted Northern Toilet paper giveaway.  And I won!!!

And, to make it all that much sweeter, I found out this morning that I don't even have to go buy it.  They will send it straight to my door!

Isn't that just the bees knees?!

Check out Mandy's blog, here, for future awesome giveaways and great useful blog posts!


Gift sets.

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? 

Right now.  Up in the shop.  Check this out...

Right now we have only a few, but they are in my absolute favorite
 Elephant both blue and pink!  Is it not adorable?!

This is all I have left of this fabric for now.  
So don't wait, I'm not making any promises that I can get it again!!

Get yours today over in the new Gift Set section of the Beautifully Esoteric Shop!!

Have a great day :)

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