Thursday, May 9, 2013

11 months

Weight: 20 lbs
Length: 31 in

Likes:  You still love your daily Thomas episode.  And I think you like that your mom has had some days of really not feeling well and letting you watch more than one Thomas :)

You follow your puppy around all day long.  Stanley isn't as fond of you as you are of him, but it's pretty cute to watch you crawl after him and "pat-pat" him.  We are still working on being really gentle, but Stan is very patient with you.  Or he just gets up and walks away!

Fans.  You have always loved them.  But Dad just installed one in our living room and it's the coolest thing in the entire world.  You point and blow at it all day and make sure that everyone who comes into the room sees the fan.  We are going to put one in your room eventually.  That should be fun!

Dislikes:  You are overall pretty happy as long as you are being entertained.  You are a very social baby and love to just walk around target and wave at people.  You really don't like when we are stuck at home all day.  You start to go stir crazy.  Hopefully this spring weather will hurry up so we can spend more time outdoors.

You are starting to get mad when we leave you in the nursery at church.  It's not bad, and as soon as you realize that there are friends and toys, you get over it pretty quick, but you really are a daddy's boy. So, we try and keep dad away from the nursery on Sundays!

Milestones:  Still not quite walking!  You are soooo close!  You will stand up in the middle of the room without holding anything for minutes at a time, but just haven't taken that first step yet!  I know everyone says don't rush it, but honestly, I need you REALLY good at walking so that when baby 2 comes you are more self sufficient.  :)

You continue to get better and better at eating.  We have to keep reminding ourselves that babies are all so different, and that you are just doing things in your time.  You have almost completely stopped gagging at foods, and have moved more into just being picky with what you will and won't eat.  But you are good at trying just about everything.  Your favorite foods are eggs, turkey, ham, cheese sandwiches, blueberries, and mashed potatoes!  And by "favorite" we mean "pretty much the only things you will eat!"  But you've come a long way and are getting better everyday.  You have, however, stopped wanting purees, and so we are really trying to get your food intake up so that you keep putting on the weight!  We don't think there has really been much of a change in your weight in the last few months and so we are waiting to see what the dr is going to say about that.

Nighttime sleeping is still great - thank you!  You have the occasional teething night where you are up, but for the most part we go to bed knowing you will sleep through the night!  Your naps, however are starting to shorten and shorten!  You take about 1-1.5 hours in the morning and 1 hour max in the afternoon. We are debating on whether or not to go down to 1 nap, but your mama just really doesn't think she can make it through without your morning nap! :)

2 bottom middle teeth and 2 top!  It's so cute to see your little teeth gums start to fill up and really makes you look a lot older!  Still taking forever for each tooth to pop through!

You are wearing 9-12month clothes for the most part and just about to move up to 18 month jammies!

Firsts:  We ordered you your first Kid's meal at a restaurant!  It wasn't completely necessary,  but we hadn't planned to go out so you needed dinner.  It was kinda fun, but at the same time completely a rip off!   Fun to say we did it, but we will be bringing our own food and feeding you off of our meals from now on :)

You went down your first slide!  We were at your buddy Trager's 6th birthday party and he had a really big bounce when the kids went inside for cake, your dad took you in the bounce house and down the big slide!  It was really fast and you were completely unfazed by the entire event.  But it was fun for us!

Fun Fact:  We have yet to be able to find a pair of hard soled shoes that fits you.  We found a great deal on baby TOMS and were so excited when they came in.  However, you might have the worlds chubbiest baby feet.  I'm convinced of it.  They aren't wide (shoes come in wide!) they are thick.  They are super thick. They are just one big chunk.  I guess you will just keep wearing your stretchy slip on shoes until we find a cobbler to make you a custom pair.  :)

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  1. Ellis is too dang cute! I know they are a little more expensive but we have found that New Balance shoes that come in 'wide' work for what we call "block feet" where other shoes just don't work- just an idea!!!


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