Friday, May 3, 2013

Beautifully what? {Etsy launch & an explanation...}

Etsy launch time folks...

But first, a word from our sponsors...

I've been going back and forth and dragging my feet on what to call this shop.  I've always used beautifully esoteric for my blog and design stuff in the past, but on a whim changed it to "studio e" after Ellis was born.  You know, something about having a cute kid and thinking I needed to dedicate my shop to him.  Silly hormonal decisions.  But really I liked it.  Anyways...  Long story short - the username "studio e" just wasn't available anywhere.  And Bryan has always given me a hard time for switching it from "beautifully esoteric" in the first place.

So, he wins.  Beautifully Esoteric is now my blog and shop name.  I mean it really makes sense.  I don't know why I fought it.  Maybe because I'm pregnant and I like to do things that done make sense.  Like put milk in the pantry.  Or buy nasty powdered donuts that are on the clearance rack at Walgreens.  Or eating half of said box of donuts in 2 days.  Poor decisions all around.

So.  There's there explanation.  Done and done.  Never going back.  :)

Now back what you've all been waiting for...

The Beautifully Esoteric Etsy Shop is open for business!

{and I'm just starting, remember? little errors here and there may surface and I'll just ask for grace when they do...but it's my start}


Now, the even better part!

Any of my readers who place an order by Sunday at midnight (CST) can enter the code LAUNCH10 for 10% off of their orders!  Sweet, huh?

Lastly, is anyone up for a giveaway?!  Head on over to my Instagram (@klthrock) or Facebook for details!

Thanks for everyone's encouragement through getting this up and going - you all rock! :)

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