Thursday, May 9, 2013

10 months

Weight: 19 lbs 9 oz
Length: 30 in
(You shrunk...I'm blaming it on the helmet)

Likes:  Thomas the Train.  I think we have an addiction :)  You get to watch 1 episode a day, usually right when you wake up.  You crawl right up to the TV and sit cross legged and laugh at the TV.  It's pretty cute.

Still love playing peek a boo!  Now you will cover your face and wait for someone to play with you.  You've even been found playing peek a boo with Thomas.  (Yes, on the TV.)

You love going on rides.  You've been a pretty easy sleeper, but when we really can't get you down, we can put you in the car seat or the stroller and you are out pretty fast!

Dislikes:  When we leave you in your crib.  You are not a happy waker.  If you wake up, you want out of that crib, quick!  We've tried putting toys/books in the crib with you and you want nothing to do with it.  You jump and scream and shake your crib until we come get you.  Please oh please don't try and jump out.  We are just waiting for the day...

Milestones: You are so close to walking.  Everyone that sees how easily you stand says that you should be walking any day.  You will walk behind your push toys, but haven't taken a step yet on your own.

It's been a BIG improvement in the eating world!!!  We are so proud of the changes in your eating :)  You will now eat soft breads and very small pieces of meat and cheese.  No fruit or veggies yet, but you still get those from your purees.  We attempted to make purees again in an attempt to save a little money, but you continue to be a very picky eater and want nothing other than the expensive, store bought food no matter what we do!

Thankfully your sleeping has gone back to normal.  Not sure we could handle that for much longer :)  You sleep through the night like a champ and have even started going to bed a bit earlier!  You go down around 7:30.  Now, if only we could get you to sleep in a little later, that would be great!  But you have a good time hanging out with your dad in the mornings, so I think you wake up excited to do that!

You have 2 bottom teeth and are starting to work on the first top one.  You are working at about the rate of 1 tooth a month.  Man, this is a lot of work for teeth that you are just going to lose in a few years!!

Firsts:  As we said, you are standing and walking behind your push toys.   You have started walking along things, scaling tables and chairs.  It's really fun to see you learn and explore these new things!

Fun Fact:  I started to work in office 3 afternoons a week and so you get to hang out with your dad for 2 whole afternoons a week and your grandma Lisa for one afternoon!  You love it!  I think it's a good break for me and it gets you someone else to play with :)

Also, we found out this month that you are going to be a big brother!!  We love you so very much and can not believe that you are already almost a year old and REALLY can't believe that you are going to be a big brother!  We are going to have our hands full for the next few years!

Sweet boy please stop growing so fast!!

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