Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crazy Child, Free Starbucks + Blog Love

It's drive your mama crazy day in the Throckmorton household.  Just incase you hadn't gotten the memo.  If your kids need any ideas, just borrow a few of Ellis':

Unfold an entire load of laundry while mom makes breakfast.

Walk around, throwing your hands in the air dramatically, whining "mamamamamama" over and over.

Refuse to eat your breakfast and then when mom gives up and let's you down, throw your entire bowl of apples on the floor.

Beg for a diaper change and then scream bloody murder the whole time you are being changed.

Bang at the front door to go play on the front porch, and then once you get out there just stand at the back window and cry for dada.  Because mom is so terrible.

I could go on and on...


If your morning has been anything like mine...this next tidbit is for you...

Free Starbucks.  Isn't that a beautiful combination of words? 

Of course it is.

I've been getting a free $5 Starbucks card at the beginning of each month since March!  And you can too!  (Well...not since March, but as soon as you get started!)

What's even better is you don't have to do anything other then download an app on your phone! 

There's a research group started by Standford and Harvard graduates that simply tracks where you shop.  You don't even have to tell them, they just track your phone.  I know, now that I'm typing it out it sounds all creepy-like, but they've got a whole privacy document if you wanna double check the security (always a good idea!).  If they select you for the panel you just have to keep the app installed on your phone for the time specified and then watch your points grow!  You can also do little surveys here and there that pop up on the app (not required) but they will earn you more points along the way!

I can't promise there will be an open panel in your area, but you can go here to check!

(Oh and if Starbucks isn't your thing, you can also trade your points for cards.)

{Side note: I'm not getting anything from Locately for writing this post (though I wish I was! ;) just sharing the love out of the goodness of my heart...on my my out the door to get my free coffee!!}


In other news, I want you all to meet my friend, and fellow blogger, Mandy.

Her blog, Creative Cents, is a great place to go for "centsible" living tips!  She is a lady after my own heart...God + bargains!!  She covers everything from DIY crafts, Meijer weekly deals, and my favorite Menu Plan Mondays!

I'm so excited to share that Mandy is featuring our shop on her blog today!  She is offering another great giveaway - so if you weren't lucky enough to win the last one - head on over and enter!!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting morning at your house!!! Glad you at least got some coffee to perk things up. ;) Thanks for the shout out!


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