Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update + Giveaway Winner!

This pregnancy has been no joke.

2 trips to the ER for fluids and many days and nights spent praying I'll stay awake/feel well enough to take care of Ellis.  

The days are slowly starting to get better.  I feel like I'm out of the worst of it and starting to see the light.  

However, feeling better has brought on a new wave of emotions. 

I want to "enjoy" this pregnancy as much as I did with Ellis...I feel like it is my mom-ly duty and only fair.  However, I feel this tug on my heart to enjoy Ellis as much as I can as an only child before baby dos gets here.  Can I do both?  I'm working on it, but it's not easy.  I feel like I'm neglecting one or the other.

I'm either sitting on the couch taking it easy while my 1 year old plays in his playpen for the 3rd time in the day.  Or I'm up and playing and running around with Ellis while baby 2 is yelling at me to slow down or reminding me that haven't had a glass of water in days.  Yep.

Just being real here.  It's no easy battle.  

I just try and remember that I'm not the first one to do this.  I'm not alone and it can be done :) So I battle on and pray that each day will be better than the last. 

Oh, and if I had any trouble remembering I was pregnant...I finally stopped and gawked at the sight of my belly yesterday.  With being sick and losing so much weight I didn't think the bump would be making an appearance anytime soon.  But I was wrong.  Oh so wrong.  


Shop news!

Thanks so much for all the encouragement, shop visits, and entries into the giveaway!

And the winner of a set of 3 burp cloths is...


Casey Russo!


Congrats, Casey!  I will contact you with info soon!

I'm going to extend the LAUNCH10 code through the rest of the week as a thanks - tell your friends! :)

I had to change the code to LAUNCH10OFF  - so please use that for the discount!  Enjoy!

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