Monday, September 30, 2013

Skinny Jeans: A Quick Follow Up After the Hack

It's me (Bryan) again.  Tomorrow morning Kendahl will begin writing on this blog for 31 straight days.  She's made it pretty clear that, even though my hack was really great, I'm not allowed to hack her again during October.  Well, good thing I still have 1 hour until then!

Anyhow, loads of you (ok just one person) #yesitwasmymom (can you hashtag in blogs?) asked for a follow up on my final two days of being a stay at home dad.  Honestly, it was way easier than the first 36 hours.  Now before you applaud my persistence, improvement, or hard work there is something you need to know: I spent the final two days with my parents, sisters, and their families! :)

During that time though I learned two very important lessons that I wanted to share with all of my (one) fans.

  1. Life should happen in community.  Whenever you need to take a break, go to the bathroom, or grab a bite to eat there is always another person around to help out with your kids!  More importantly, though, people (especially kids) are happier in the presence of others.  It's how God created us--plain and simple.  We played at a pumpkin patch, spent hours running around the house together, and celebrated my Grandpa 85th birthday with our HUGE family.  It was awesome!  
  2. Skinny jeans should be outlawed--especially for toddlers.  I'm not saying they look bad (although I'm sure they would on me).  All I'm saying is that it took me 5 minutes to put E's jeans on and I broke a sweat in the process.  
  3. Yes I know I said two lessons--consider this a bonus.  Kendahl being home is a very, very good thing!  

 Ellis loved the tractor ride at the pumpkin patch with his cousins! 

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