Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days | Day 1: Lamentations 3:22-23

(Disclaimer for this series:  I want to start off by making the promise that although I will use language like "mom, toddler, home, young, etc...I don't want anyone to feel like this isn't applicable to them at any stage in life.  Maybe you are a dad or an aunt or an older sibling with the hard reality of taking care of your youngers.  Maybe you have a newborn babe and just can't seem to get through the days without crying.  Maybe your kids have all left the house.  Maybe you go to work all day and come home and feel like you should relish in all the good things, but find yourself getting just as frustrated with your kids as if you had been home with them all day long. This is for you, too.  I only use the language I do because of the personal situation I am in.  I am a stay at home mom with a toddler and a new baby on the way.  If you would, please don't get hung up on that language.  Some days may be harder to apply than others, but there is truth in God's promises that can meet each of you where you are.  Thanks. Enjoy, xo.)

We all know the feeling of being dried up. We live in a world that tells us being a mom should be the most filling of roles and that we need to be thankful for the opportunity.  Even more we believe the lies that if we aren't doing all things well we are missing the moment and letting down our kids.  But that's not reality.  We will all be dried up.  We can't give, give, give and expect to always be full.  

I'm not talking about living a life of pity.  I'm talking about the times when we are weary.  The times when it seems like we couldn't possibly pick up another cheerio without going crazy.  The times when the thought of giving your child a bath seems like more than you could possibly handle.  One more hug, one more cry, one more tantrum, you have nothing left to in you to give.  Man, I've been there.  I know you have, too.  I am probably there a little bit everyday, if I am going to be honest.  

But we don't have to stay there.  We aren't promised ease and smiles all day.  But we aren't called to live such a sacrificial life that we are too drained to go on, either.  We can smile.  We can have hope.  We can have a better day tomorrow.  Yep.  Really.  I promise.  They won't all be like this.  

The history behind this Lamentations verse includes the remembrance of the final fall of the Jerusalem temple.  Oh, friends hear that.  This book was read on the day of remembrance of a day that hope seemed far away.  Wait.  I know what you are thinking...Are we really to compare our daily struggles with the fall of the Jerusalem Temple?  I'm going to be bold and say yes.  I think God allows and even wants us to make that jump.  

And here's why:  Verse 22.  "His mercies never cease."  The Hebrew word "mercy" comes from the root word "RECHEM" which means womb.  Taking a line from my friend Jessi, "Let that rub in, friends".  Isn't that beautiful?  When the writers were looking for a word to describe God's mercy, they chose a word that compares God's unique love for us to the love from a mother for her child.  So God gets it.  God gets us.  He gets our situations and our downfalls because he created us.  He created this love. He IS this love.  His womb-love, if you will. 

And it doesn't stop there.  Not only does he give us mercy, he gives us new mercy every. single. morning

Hear that.  This morning.  New mercies.   Don't worry about being perfect.  Just keep that promise fresh on your heart and lips today.  Speak it over yourself and your kids.  Walk away from the screaming, food throwing toddler and ask God to remind you.  His mercies are new.  

As we start this series, I wanted this to be the first thing we remember each day.  This is the foundation that I think we all need.  No matter how your day goes, no matter how long the night is, he will meet you with fresh mercies in the morning. (and hopefully a fresh cup of coffee, too!)

Live out that promise today, friends.


  1. What a great promise to live! Love your words about not having to stay in that place where the mercy just isn't real to us. :)

    1. Thanks lady! :) I'm just about to do my blog rounds and check out your posts! So glad to be doing this series alongside you!!

  2. Wow, friend. Just what I needed to read. Can't wait to read along. You are amazing!

  3. Perfect. Every morning. Love it. On this #31days journey alongside you.


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