Monday, October 7, 2013

31 Days | Day 7: James 1:19

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I'm not going to say I haven't ever raised my voice at Ellis.  oh how I wish I could. 

But thankfully I can say the times have been few and far between.  And I've made a choice to try and keep it that way.

Ellis doesn't need to hear me yell because I don't want him motivated by an unhealthy fear.  I want him motivated by love and even authority, but not fear.  He needs to hear when he does something wrong, but not be afraid of the way I'm telling him. 

But anyone living with a toddler knows this is no easy feat.  It surely isn't with my toddler.  He is loud, climbs everything, and runs all day long.  I don't think he knows how to walk, just run.  Anyone who spends 5 minutes with the kid never fails to ask, "Is he always this active?"  

It's their nice way of asking, "Is your son really this crazy? do you survive?"  

So, when your kid is making poor choice after poor choice, how in the world do you keep your cool?  You have to be slow to speak.  

You have to make a choice before you get in the situation.  You have to know how you want to respond before you have something to respond to.  

Friends, let's make the choice to be slow to speak with our kids.  Make a conscious choice to just take a single deep breath and wait a few seconds before you respond to a frustrating moment.  Furthermore, you will see it change the way your kid reacts, and that's what makes it worth it


  1. A-men! :) A yelling Mom only makes a bad or frustrated or whatever it is moment infinitely worse. Wise words today. We need to communicate love and peace with everyone and who needs it more than a kid in the middle of fleeing from what is right?

  2. Yes. I was never a yelling mom, and then my twins turned 5 and I was pregnant and it started and I felt yucky. It still happens every once in awhile but I really hate when it happens.

    (Also I'll be emailing you!)


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