Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days | Day 14 : Acts 2:42

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Fellowship is one of my favorite words.  

We weren't created to do this life alone. 

I think one of the hardest things for me when I became a mom was giving up our freedom.  I wanted things to be as they were before.  I wanted to go out with our friends and not have to leave right after dinner.   I wanted to go to every potluck and every girls night.  Oh and don't get me started on the Starbucks outings and lunch dates I had to pass on.  Just being real...

(as a side note, I don't think it does other moms any justice when we paint the picture of being perfect and loving every single moment of being a mom.  :) So, I choose to be honest.  There were days where I didn't want to change another diaper, I wanted to just leave and hang out with my friends.  And that doesn't make me a bad mom...or you either!)

I found a new joy, a love for my new "normal"...but it took a while.  It took time for me to realize that staying at home wasn't a burden, but rather a stage in life that we were in and what I was actually missing out on was enjoying my son by always thinking about the outings I was missing.

If you know me at all, you know I strive for, but constantly struggle with finding balance in all areas of my life.  I tend to be all in or all out.  I tend to be fully confident or completely insecure.  I know that there is a need for finding and staying near that line of what is healthy, but straddling the fence is not something I'm good at maintaining.  

I'm really good at identifying the line, but rarely seem to find it.  On my own.

So, I started staying home everyday.  Bryan had evening meetings and it was just easier for me to stay in my sweats and eat dinner with Ellis rather than pack him up, makes plans, and head out to dinner with a friend.  Morning coffee on the couch while Ellis watched Thomas was easier than morning park dates.  Doing laundry and planning dinner would occupy my day and be my excuse for not going out on playdates or running the errands that were screaming my name.  

I completely fell to the other extreme.  

Once again, in my life, I'm learning that finding a balance is always healthier.  There's a fellowship balance.  We need to break bread with others and do life together, but not at the expense of the wellbeing of our children.  While, on the flip side, we need to take time to get out and not use taking care of our children as an excuse not to find true fellowship.

Fellowship was created to be a beautiful thing.  Living out true life, together, is what we were made to do.  It's not about proving ourselves to others, but rather reaching out and helping each other.  

Living in the mess with other moms.  

Letting our kids entertain each other rather than trying to do it all ourselves.  

Allowing your friends to sit while you pick up a few toys for them.
(...because somehow it doesn't feel like a chore at someone else's house...?  How is that?!)

So find some fellowship this week.  Some true fellowship.  Allow yourself to sit and be loved on, while at the same time reaching out to help someone else who needs it.  Plan that park date, and actually go.  Have lunch with another mom.  If you have a little extra energy, take someone else's kids so that they can take a nap :)  Get 2 lattes instead of one and find someone to drink it with.  

Fellowship was created by God and glorifies Him.  Don't try and do it all alone.    

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  1. This is such a good reminder. I can totally become a hermit because it's just easier than making the effort to get out, but getting out can make such a difference! Plus, enjoying the community the Lord has blessed us with is a part of His plan. Isolation is not. Also, so excited about your baby news! I'm sorry she's still breech, but you're going to be meeting her so soon!


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