Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 Days | Day 6: A practical way to listen :)

{A little note if you are new here...I am joining up with The Nester  for a 31 Day blogging series.  
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I had a new post ready for today and decided to scratch it.  I was playing around with a new iPhone movie app last night and decided this was something I really wanted to share.  

Sometimes I think it just takes a moment of sitting and looking back to realize all of God's goodness.  You may have had an awesome year or an awful year, or something that falls near the middle.  But looking back at old pictures of my little guys just takes all the stuff away.  It just makes me thank God for what He has given me.  

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed today, I suggest you take a minute and look back at some old pictures of your kids.  And if you feel up to making a really easy, fun video (because music always makes things better :) then check out this Magisto App.

This is a snippet of a song favorite of mine, Gungor, Beautiful Things,  (check out the whole song here).  The video isn't perfect.  It's short and cut out more of the videos than I would have wanted, but it was super simple and perfect to keep on my phone for easy viewing when I need a moment to rest and remember.

Enjoy, and get some rest today.

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  1. Awww! Love that video, you did a great job on that! :)


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