Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days | Day 9 : Luke 12:34

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first things first, did you check out my clarification post update from yesterday? 


"A clean house is the sign of a misspent life..." -- Jennifer Kornerman

I grew up with this little quote in a vintage-looking frame hanging in our laundry room (I think it was the laundry room...there goes that memory thing again).  

I always liked it.  I don't know why.  I just was drawn to it for some reason.  

What I love most about it looking back now, is that as a kid, I really don't remember the state of our house.  I don't remember if the beds were made each day.  I have no idea if we had toys everywhere or if my mom kept them picked up and put away.  I definitely don't have any idea if the floor was vacuumed on a regular basis.  

But I remember loving our home.  I remember cuddling up on the couch or chaise with one of our pups and a warm blanket. 

I remember the fires on the cold nights, and standing out by the grill with my dad on the summer nights. Sitting out on the back porch with my mom after dinner and sneaking notes back and forth to my sister when we were both supposed to be in timeout. 

I'm sure there are some of you moms out there that really don't struggle with keeping a tidy house.  I adore you.  I really do.  And if keeping the house in order is what gives you peace, by all means...

But if you are anything like me, cleaning on a regular basis is really not in your repertoire of things you do well.  

At all.

And I think we live in a society that tells us that is wrong.  That we don't have it all together as stay at home moms if we can't do all the things

I'm not advocating for a messy, dirty lifestyle.  But I am advocating a purposeful, priority driven lifestyle.  There's a difference between mess, dirt, and chaos.  (stay turned for tomorrow...)  So somedays, I choose mess over clean.

...because I want to be in the moment with my family. 

...because I want to take 20 minutes while he naps to do nothing so I can recharge for when he wakes.

...because I want to enjoy my home and make memories, not make to do lists that will just have to be re-made tomorrow.  

I want my treasure to be in Him and in making memories with my family, because in 20 years, they will have no idea how many dishes are currently piled in my sink.   


And, another picture, just because...

Our little monkey jumping on his bed...and our bare walls.  Maybe that should be my next project? 
You know, after having a baby...

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