Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8 : A little clarification...

hello friends...

after a few texts and phone calls I've decided that there was clearly a disconnect between what I meant to write for today's post and what was actually communicated. 

Let's clear something up...everything is fine around here. :)  

Actually, everything is great.  

At the current moment, Ellis is sleeping, I mustered the energy to clean the living room, Bryan is tackling the kitchen, and we are both looking forward to lounging on the couch for the rest of the night.  

In my earlier post, I only meant to input some hypothetical situations as to try and reach people where they are at, whatever they may going through.  It seems as though those situations came across as personal struggles.  I personally am not having to tell my son something difficult.  I personally am not overwhelmed at the end of every day.  

When I said this post was a "struggle for me", all I intended for that to mean was that what I was about to write doesn't come easy to me.  I feared that all of my posts were coming across as if I had it all together.  As if the advice I was giving to other moms was easy stuff for me to do in my own life.  

I wanted to be clear that asking for help (in any general situation) is not easy for me.  I was merely trying to reinforce my human nature is the same as everyone else's...not that there was something wrong that I was having trouble asking for help with.  

Unfortunately, that's not how my words came across.  

So, in conclusion...

I am not perfect.

I struggle to ask for help.

however...there is no current dire need for help in my life. :)

I do truly appreciate everyone's concern.

... and I promise to try and make my posts a little more on the happy side as to avoid any confusion in the future.


And, because no post is complete without a picture...how's this for happy?

And if anyone is still convinced that there is something wrong, you are more than welcome to bring me a Starbucks hazelnut macchiato to make me feel better.  


  1. I am just now sitting down to read blogs - so I didn't see your original post yet...Glad to have read this first though! :) Oh and this is the second time I've heard about the hazelnut macchiato recently - I am definitely going to give it a try.

    1. mmm...Hazelnut Macchiato...soooo good! :) The only thing better is a gingerbread latte, but those aren't out yet. bum.mer.

    2. Yes! I got myself hooked on those last winter! Soooo good. :)


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