Sunday, October 20, 2013

31 Days | Day 20 : Practical Task 3

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I'm really tired.  I totally forgot to blog today. 

This is one of those days that I wanted to just go to bed and say forget it.  

And I probably should have...because this has the potential to make no sense :)

So, I'll keep it simple.  

Your practical task today is art.  

Create something.

Do an art project with your toddler.

Get out the chalk, crayons, or even the paint.

...and Let them get messy :)

It allows them to express their freedom in such a fun way.  It's so natural to just create.  We were made to be creative beings.  And kids are great examples of just letting go and creating without judgement.  Kids don't worry if you will like it or not, they just know that you will.  

So, next time you are having a rough day, pull up Pinterest on your iPhone and find a fun little art project.  It may make a mess but it will be worth it to see the joy on your kids face.  (and if you aren't in the mood for a mess, a couple crayons or stickers can go a long way, too :)

{ Ellis' first time coloring in a coloring book October 20, 2013 }

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