Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Days | Day 13: Practical Task 2

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A great, easy way to experience God in your daily life with toddlers is to get outside

We try and get outside at least once a day to let Ellis run.  There's just something about little kids and nature.  Something that sets them free and gives them a joyful spirit.  

The best part is that there is no prep needed.  (besides shoes... sometimes...) We just explore.  Explore creation.  Ellis walks through the gardens, plays in the dirt, and asks, "What's that?" about 342 times. 

We were created by the same God that created the earth and everything in it.  Luke 19:40 tells us that the rocks will cry out even if we don't.  Creation screams His name.  

Sometimes, getting outside seems like a stretch for me.  Dirt and I have never been friends...and don't get me started on bugs.  But my toddler has taught me that a little dirt is good for our souls.  At least for his... :)  So, I'm getting better at accepting and even encouraging a little dirt.

The next time that your toddler is throwing a fit or even just getting restless from all the routine, go ahead and take a few minutes to go outside.  It will do wonders for reenergizing your spirit, and as an added perk, it will wear out your kid!  

And what mom doesn't want that?

{Kickapoo Creek Park, Oct 11, 2013}

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  1. Going outside is such a good thing! I don't know what it is, but it really does excite them and quiet us. One of my favorite tricks is to take a baby that is just to the point of CRYING and NOTHING is going to make it better right outside. Seconds I tell ya and they are CALM, whimpering if they were crying super hard, but calm all the same. And we get to share that peace with them!


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