Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hats For Cancer

Hey Blog Readers!

I've added a button on the side of my page that I hope you take a moment and check out.

Here is a GREAT way to get a Christmas gift crossed off your list and at the same time help out some kids in need.

I told you all a while ago about a little girl, Kate, who is battling a very aggressive brain tumor. She is doing well, but the journey is long from over. A lot of kids and families out there have a long, hard battle ahead of them. One of the huge battles for these kids is the fact that the Chemo therapy causes them to lost their hair. May not seem all that huge in comparison to everything else that they are dealing with, but its a constant physical reminder of all that they are going through.

Some friends of mine, over at Briar.Claire, make these beautiful hand crocheted hats for little girls. They are just adorable. They know this battle with cancer is a tough one and are doing their share to help out this month. For every hat that they sell in the Month of October, they will donate one to the local Children's Cancer hospital. Last I checked, they had donated about 200 hats and it was only 10 days into the month! I'm sure they have blown by that number by now. Let's make that number even higher!

Please buy a hat. Please. Please. Please.

I don't feel bad begging for a good cause. We are blessed. Remember to thank God for your health and your family's health and please say a prayer for these little kids and their families.

Please buy a hat.

Buy one for your little niece or cousin or daughter or sister or cute kid down the street. Or if you don't have a little girl to give one to, donate it to your local hospital.

Buy one. Or ten. Or any number in between.

A little bit can go a long way. We can help.

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