Monday, March 15, 2010

Food News and Great NEWS!

Kendahl's Adventure in Meal Planning : Take 1:

Monday: Stuffed Shells (F*)

Tuesday: Pulled Pork BBQ

Thursday: Bible Study Night
(students decide, we cook in bulk from Sams)

Friday: Leftover Buffet

*this is a freezer meal, meaning I will cook a full double
batch (40-50 shells) and freeze the leftovers for future meals.
With just 2 of us, we can get about 4 dinners and even
some lunches out of this! Talk about saving money and time!!!

After planning this week, I guess is wasn't that hard.
If anything, it's hard because we only have 3 real nights to cook.
I don't feel like planning a big meal for Fridays, because being
the party animals that we are, we never know what we
will be doing on a friday night :)

Riiiiiighhhttt....speaking of which, anyone looking
for friends? We are a pretty cool couple and have some openings...

Moving on (yes I did just publicly ask for friends,
but we are moving on, remember...?)

So, that's the plan. I will keep you updated.
No, I won't post every night for 3 very important reasons.

1. I won't remember.
2. Those who still read my blog despite all my forgetfulness would be bored to death reading about my dinner every night.
3. Though I don't always mind the public humiliation that comes as a
result of my cooking skills, that might just be asking too much of me.
I have a little dignity and this week may not go well...

Oh and now for the GREAT NEWS! Brace yourself. This is big.


I was up googling coupons last night and fed UP TO HERE
(imagine "here" wherever you see fit)
with not finding anyone who does coupon tracking
for Springfield, IL grocery stores. I have a few friends here and there that will post
a couple good sales, but nothing like
or They are AMAZING but aren't in
our area. They have grocery stores like Piggly Giggly Wiggley
and Tom Thumbalina. That is not helpful for little ole me.

But, at long last search, I found it. I finally freaking found it:
Meet my new best friend: Her name is Margie.

You can be her friend too, and I encourage it.

She has taught me so much already. Did you know that
Dollar General accepts manufacturers coupons?
If you are not even a little excited about that,
we havesome talking to do. Seriously, go check her out.

Be amazed.

Here's to Monday, a new day, a new week... Make sure you don't miss the moments.


  1. First of all, we will accept your friendship. We are looking too. :) Second, I suggest you make sure you like those stuffed shells before cooking 50 of them! We've made the mistake a couple times now of cooking a huge portion of something only to find out we don't like it and it all goes to waste.

  2. haha yes - I have had the shells many times, but def. good advice :) That could be bad haha!


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