Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Planning??

I don't know about this...

I mean I thought menu planning was what my grandma did and went out of style with my mom. Not to mention I don't cook. I mean I cook, but I don't cook well. So, why would I want to plan out my whole week, or even month, of meals at one time and have to stick to recipes every night? Sounds like someone is trying to put me in a box.

That someone is my husband. Well, my husband with the influence of Dave Ramsey. I love me some Dave, but meal planning? Haven't I done enough for you Dave? Budgets, coupons, saving, getting rid of credit cards, not borrowing money...this is just crossing the line :)

(of course I'm kidding, I do all those things happy and willing, I seriously do...)

But meal planning? I can't wrap my mind around it. I coupon. I save serious money on groceries already. Ask me how much I spend, I dare you ;) But then comes dinner time comes in the Throckmorton household and this is what you will hear...

B: What should we do for dinner?
K: I dunno...

B: What did you get at the store? (looking in cabinets)
K: A lot!

B: Why in the world do we have 18 boxes of hamburger helper?
K: THEY WERE FREE!! Seriously, I was at Shop N Save and they were 10 for 10 and I had (8) $2/3 and then I had these other coupons...blah blah blah...but they were free!

B: THis is disgusting. What else did you get?
K: 6 boxes of cereal, some cans of soup, oh and a bag of chicken breasts and hamburger meat. I dunno some random things like cream cheese, chips, celery, bread and yogurt. Oh and 6 coffee creamers. And I only spent like $22.00 - It was amazing.

B: This is not going to work.
K: oh...

This conversation has happened too many times. Bryan is sick of it :) So, I've been challenged to a month of meal planning. I'm not going to pay for the E-mealz plan that Dave suggests, sorry. I'm all about saving money and I have the time to find meals myself. So, here goes nothing. For the first week, I found this "1 bag, 5 meals" on that I am going to try. It all looks good, plus we have just about everything we need to get started. So, check back later for my first edition of:

"Kendahl tries to meal plan: Week 1"
I will update and let you know how it goes. ugh. I'm super (not) pumped. But I will try.

Happy Sunday! :)


  1. I realize that you struggle with cooking...But I think you'll be surprised at how easy AND freeing meal planning can be! Once you get used to it, it saves you time (the "What's for dinner....I dunno" game, goes out the window).

    I could list a bunch of reasons why you should stick with it. Instead, I'll just encourage you to stick with it and pretty much guarantee that you'll eventually be glad you did! :)

  2. I LOVE meal planning!! It honestly gets me all excited LOL! You gotta tell me how to coupon..I know it's a simple concept but I need help!! Anyway.. go to this site has helped me when I was just like you! They have great EASY recipes and it's almost fun!


  3. We always have that conversation! We just recently started doing our own version of meal's helped a little.

  4. What a funny conversation... As a newly wed i can totally understand. i work for a company that actually sells recipe software that you might like. and just between me and you guys Use the coupon code upgrademe and you'll get 40% off. just a idea. you can see the menu planning portion of the software.


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