Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Alright, I'll do it again. After yesterday's lack of motivation, I decided to give it another go.

Only because last week went well. And I mean really well. Bryan told me that since I cooked (yes, actually cooked) 3 good (not just edible) meals in a row, that I was officially the new cook of the house. I don't know that I wanna go that far, but I guess it was nice to hear. I like cooking, I do. But don't get me wrong, it's very nice to have a husband that can cook just as well, if not better, when I just don't fee like it.

(I just had a genius idea - I should make one night a week "Bryan Night" where he cooks. Seriously, why did I not think of this before. Done. No discussion. Wait...Bryan has track practice till 6 every night. I won't eat till 9 if it's up to him. Plus he's grumpy if he doesn't eat around 6:30. Which now that I think about it is why this whole thing started. Ugh, scratch that. Moving on...)

So, week one went well. So here's to week 2:

Monday - Spaghetti w/ cheesy meat sauce (my own special recipe...ha!) :)

Tuesday - Grilled Marinated Rib-eye steaks, Asparagus & Potatoes (That's how we roll)

Wednesday - Stuffed Shells (from freezer)

Thursday - Bible Study Night

Friday - Leftovers

So, really, tonight is the only night that I have left to cook this week. I rock at this.

Oh, and whilst I'm well aware that it's Tuesday, but here is my Not-Me-Monday moment of the week:

It was not me who, upon whipping together a spaghetti dinner last night, took our large bag of burger meat out of the freezer, took out the pound that I needed, and forgot to put the other 5 pounds back in the freezer. I definitely did not leave 5 perfectly good pounds of hamburger meat out on the counter all night long. Surely I would have seen it. Surely I didn't ruin 5 pounds of meat. Surely.

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  1. How about sharing that recipe for rib-eye steaks?


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