Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow, Snow, Snow and Ice.

Around here there's nothing but snow.  Well, besides that huge ice storm we just had...but mostly snow. More snow than I can remember in a long time.

Most moments I'm very very over it. My soul longs for sun. But I had a moment of strength this weekend when Bryan asked me to come out and take some pictures of Ellis playing in the snow.

And I was newly inspired after reading this Shultz Photo School article on 3 simple tips for shooting pics of your kids in the snow.

(side note:  A lot of you have asked what camera I use and if I can share any tips on how I take pictures of my kids. I owe all my photo taking abilities to my good friend and photographer, Kyle Shultz. I worked as a graphic designer for him for 5 years and stole all the camera knowledge I could. And he's now bottling all of that goodness online and sharing it over at Shultzphotoschool.com. If you haven't heard of Shultz Photo School, go check it out now!) 

So, I grabbed my camera and my boots and got out in the cold.  I'm no pro like Kyle, but I definitely came away with some keepers!

Okay, sure. The pictures might be cute. But Spring... you are welcome anytime now.

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