Tuesday, June 7, 2011

another successful CVS trip

No pictures this time, but I had a pretty good trip to CVS this week. Here's how it went down:

What I purchased:

1. (2) tubes of Colgate MaxClean toothpaste
2. A 2-pack of Colgate Total toothpaste
3. A 2-pack of Colgate 360 toothbrushes
4. 12-pack of Charmin Ultra Toilet Paper
5. 9-pack of Bounty Paper Towels
6. (3) 20 packs of Cascade dishwasher packs
7. (4) Bottles of Dawn Dishsoap

My total before coupons was: $52
After coupons my total went down to $36

When I checked out, I received $10.00 in ECB*s for next time I shop. Now, that's not the best I've ever done, but to get all that for $26 is pretty great!

(*ECB = Easy Care Bucks = literally like CVS cash...5 ECB equals $5 off of my next purchase)

But wait... the best part came when I got home. I received an email to do an online survey for CVS. After the quick survey, I received 2 coupons in my email. One was a $5 ECB and the other was a $5 off of $20 coupon!

So my grand total is: $36 for all of those things plus $15 ECB and $5 off of $20. I can combine these which essentially means next time I go to CVS I can get $20 worth of products and pay NOTHING!

Not too shabby, huh?

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